Wildlife Photography in Spring

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year in my opinion, when everything awakens, all the flowers start to bloom, the insects are getting active, mammals wake up from hibernation and the colours are getting absolutely intense, as spring offers colours such as yellow, pink, purple, red and orange.


Foxes are beautiful subjects for wildlife photography and especially in spring the are more or less easy to photograph, as they raise their cubs in spring and the chance to photograph young foxes are pretty high once you have found an active fox den!
After mating season, the red foxes are busy with the breeding season. Every fox has its own den and they use their dens to raise their cubs. The easiest way to photograph a red fox is at their den, where they raise their babies. You can find fox dens for example in corn-fields or in the forest. Fox dens are not easy to find, but if you have found one then you will have good chances to photograph them. Also be sure to build a small photography hide in order to be invisible to the foxes. It is really important that you will not disturb the foxes during the breeding season, so move slowly, don’t make any noises and stay calm. I would also recommend getting in your hide one hour before sunrise, in order to not be noticed by the foxes.

Camera: Canon 600D, Lens: Canon Mp-E, Shutter: 1/200, Aperture: f 9, Focal Length: 65 mm, ISO Speed: 200

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