Synology DS1618+ Review

Synology DS1618+

Without a doubt, the rise of high-resolution content has been putting a lot of pressure on content creators to seek for faster and larger capacity storage. Just a decade ago, it was hard to imagine using up a terabyte of space, and today we already have single hard drives that can hold up to 12 TB of storage. As we battle our ever-increasing storage needs, the need for a storage solution that is capable of consolidating our data, while keeping it in a single, reliable storage array is becoming increasingly important. Thankfully, with companies like Synology specializing in building high-quality storage arrays, it is easy to find the right solution based on one’s needs. Although we have reviewed 8-bay storage arrays in the past, we realize that such large and expensive solutions are simply overkill for most photographers and videographers out there, so we decided to look at smaller and less expensive alternatives. When we found out that Synology was releasing a smaller, but powerful 6-bay unit, we wanted to test it out and see how it performs. In this detailed review of the Synology DS1618+, we take a look at what this network-attached storage unit has to offer and how it compares it to its bigger brother, the 8-bay Synology DS1817+ for photo and video storage needs.

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The Guide to Image Sharpening in Lightroom

The Guide to Image Sharpening in Lightroom

We all spend a lot of time and effort to make our images as sharp as possible. We invest money in equipment to capture the sharpest images possible. We also use a variety of shooting techniques to make sure that our pictures are crisp. Even after doing all that, however, most of the time our images aren’t as sharp as we would like. This article is going to show you how to fix that using Lightroom.

First, I should note that sharpening won’t fix a blurry image. You need to make sure you are starting with a good capture. When you do have a good capture, take it into Lightroom and make it sharper. In doing so, you should think about accomplishing three things:

Applying an overall base level of sharpness,
Sharpening the key parts of the image to make them stand out, and
Tailoring the sharpening to the way you will display the image.

Doing these three things actually involves different steps and takes place in different parts of Lightroom. Don’t worry though, because performing the sharpening in steps does not add complication to the process. It actually makes it simpler because you will just be going one thing at a time.

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The Five Best Nikkor Lenses for Nikon Full-Frame Cameras

I bet you’ve always wanted to hold the crispiest glass yourself. Kai Wong is here with his selection of the ultimate lenses for Nikon full-frame cameras. Well, we have a couple of lists ready to compare Wong’s choices with some other usual suspects. This is some expensive glass, and perhaps not surprisingly, most of the lenses in this list are prime lenses in the 50-100mm focal range. However, we’ve also compiled a list of our top choices according to your subject. But let’s start by checking out Kai Wong’s latest video. [More…]

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How to Buy a Used Digital Camera

Like many of you, I started my photography with a small budget, but now having been emersed in the camera world, I realize that “used” is also an option. As usual, people often ask us what type of camera is the best, and I just remind them that it’s about the person holding the camera, but we also know that’s not what they want to hear. Here are a few tips. [More…]

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Building a Camera Bag Company Designed and Inspired By Active Photographers the Right Way

This past February I had the great privilege of meeting Allan Henry, general manager and the main driving force behind the up-and-coming camera bag company Atlas Packs. After our first interaction, I knew that this product and company were doing something special.  [More…]

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